An Organized Life
po box 48041, los angeles, ca  90048

Hello pack rats, hoarders, memorobilia lovers, collectors, and others (you know who you are).  I am taking you seriously - and respectfully.

Those of you who experience difficulty in purging; throwing out old, used &/or broken items, or who live in constant clutter - have hope.  I work closely with many clients with the same difficulties.  Service is completely confidential, and the process is not rushed, nor ever out of your control.  I am here to help.

I have extensive experience and education in this area, and have helped many clients who thought they couldn't be helped.   

Call me, and we can discuss your concerns.  And believe me - I have seen it all! You are safe with me, and we can work together in re-building and improving your living situation.   

                                            - Leslie

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